Work from Home Scams you Should Know

The internet is full of Scams on working from home opportunities. Almost every single one of them is too good to be true. Remember a small sentence saying ‘If it is too good to be true – it probably isn’t true.’ There are no ‘Get Rich Fast Methods available’, stop believing that shit. Isn’t happening.

OK. Let’s get started…

2 Basic Types of Scams

People using both types are the worst, they aim at people wanting to earn a little extra (good) money by working hard…

  1. Let you work from home: craft assembly, small tasks like envelope stuffing,… and you will get paid by ‘a company’ as an employee. Don’t get me wrong, there are legitimate companies out there offering jobs like that. Just always be aware please.
  2. ‘Help’ you to start your online business. Can be, for example, as a mystery shopper, or a network marketeer or any other business where the only money you will see is the money the scammer pockets.

How is it possible that those scams are so popular?

Well certainly the ‘make money fast’ is very attractive. A dream for many of us – I mean, how easy can it be? Right? Wrong! But even worse than that, scammers focus on particular groups of people:

  • The elderly, the sick and the disabled: often facing problems with money and so looking to make a little extra cash online.
  • The stay-at-home parent, or the single parent: same problem as the group above.
  • The low-income or no-income group: idem dito
  • The low education person: indeed, same reason here.

That is just what is scandalous about scammers – they have no conscious whatsoever, and they do not care about you, or your family. Not a single bit. Never forget.

So watch out for the following job opportunities you might find online (always do your proper research – and do it well!):

Craft Assembly

The Scam will ask you to create toys: like dolls, or any other craft project you could do from home. And you will get paid a high per-piece price. You just have to pay an up-front fee (What the Heck??) to get started. Folks, there is no way that a legitimate company will ask you to pay an up-front fee to get you started. They will pay you when you deliver a finished product. Easy as that!

Email Processing

For a low price as low as – something between – $50 – $100, you can become a ‘highly-paid’ email processor working from the comfort of your home, determining your own working hours and stuff like that.

So, what do you have to do? Probably you think you have to edit and forward the edited email to people and/or companies. That should be ok, indeed. BUT, that is not what you be doing in this kind of scams… No, no, no, what you get here (for the low price you paid up-front) are instructions on how to duplicate the same spam and publish it into newsgroups, on social media or web forums. You’ll become a scammer, just like that. you’ll be using the same scam message to get other people falling for the same trap you did. So, DON’T.

A List of Companies Looking for Homeworkers!

For a small, yes indeed again, fee of around $50, you’ll get a list of well-known companies looking for homeworkers.

Only problem: the list contains companies (indeed, well-known) but not looking for homeworkers, or did that a long, long time ago. Don’t expect to get your money back here. That $50 is gone!

Typing At Home

In scams, you’ll always have to start with spending money in order to be able to get some homework. That alone indicates it is probably a scam. Keep that in mind.

So, how does this one goes? After you send the little amount of money to get you started (what the heck), you’ll receive a disk and some information on pdf (so you can print it out). The information will tell you to place the same ‘typing from home’ kind of ads, sell copies of the disk to the suckers who reply to you. Yes indeed, you will be the scammer. That will be your working at home job…. The scam turnes people into scammers. Don’t!

You can find some good typing jobs when you register on microjob platforms:

Just to name a few, but probably I listed the best and most valuable platforms. If not, you can always comment and I’ll include the name(s). The more established and widely known, legitimate working platforms there are, the better for the people who want to work from home.

Turn Your Computer Into a Money-Making Machine

People, no offense, but never and I mean really never, will your computer turn into a Money-Making Machine. I know, I watched the damn thing for hours and hours, days and days, months and months… never changed a single thing.

Things like that – simply aren’t real. Never. Don’t fall for it.

The above mentioned scams are the most common ones online. But there are so many more. Just remember:

  • If you have to pay up-front – probably a scam. You shouldn’t be paying to work. They should pay you for the work you’ve done. The other way around = probably a big, big, big scam.
  • There is no ‘Get Rich Fast’ method and Hell no will your computer ever be a ‘Money Making Machine’. Banks will not like that – all that competition. Just NOT Happening!

When you keep those 2 rules into your mind all the time when looking for online working opportunities, chances are you won’t fall for scams easily. But again, every day new ones arrive… So always be on the look out (Yes, unfortunately, we live in a world were you should do that).

And if you really want to be sure, subscribe to the microjob platforms I mentioned in this post. All free to sign-up. You can create your own services, your own prices, and stuff like that.


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